All I want for love is you [Chinese drama ] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Episode 01 to 20 Added – Mv24plus


For third-year high school student, Gu Xiao Man, life is anything but normal. A champion in the world of sanda fighting, Xiao Man is a highly decorated Chinese kickboxing fighter. Unfortunately, her performance in the ring is the only place she excels. Struggling through every class, Xiao Man wonders if she’s ever going to get the grades she needs to graduate. Lucky for her, one of the school’s top students just happens to be in her class, and even better, he’s willing to tutor her!

A star in his own right, Zuo An is known as one of the school’s resident geniuses. With perfect grades and perfect looks, he’s been the object of many girls’ affections, Xiao Man’s included. Focusing on her schoolwork was hard enough when Zuo An was in the same class but now that he’s sitting at the same table, Xiao Man is finding it nearly impossible! Little does she know, Zuo An is having a hard time concentrating too! Too distracted to notice her crush crushing on her, Xiao Man’s only goal is to work hard and do her best. With Zuo An’s help, the two not only graduate but manage to get into the same university as well.

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