My Horrible Boss [Korean drama ] in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – Episode 01-16 Added – Mv24plus

It is often said, ‘Opposites attract!’ While it is true in some cases, in others, this combination can lead to unexpected results. Popular KDrama ‘My Horrible Boss’ highlights a relationship between two opposites – Nam Jung Gi (Yoon Sang Hyun), a sweet marketing manager at a cosmetics company, and Ok Da Jung (Lee Yo Won), a young short-tempered team leader. While Nam Jung Gi is dubbed as the ‘Father Theresa’ and the ‘Walking UNICEF,’ Da Jung is so ill-mannered that her co-workers have nicknamed her ‘Fire Da Jung.’ These two cannot stand each other and often indulge in unpleasant experiences. However, situations take a turn when someone from Ok Da Jung’s past tries to destroy the company and put its livelihood at stake. Will the two come together to save the company, or will their differences become the reason for the company’s destruction? Filled with a pinch of drama, realism, and fantasy, watch the 16-episode strong female-led story, My Horrible Boss,

EPISODE 1 TO 16 Added

Note: More Episodes Will Be Added Soon….
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